A quick guide on vouchers


People love vouchers! When your customer sees a voucher in their email or account, they feel compelled to use it. It is an attempting invitation for customers to come back to your venue within a limited time period!

Vouchers can be physical or digital, being the latter ones the most commonly used nowadays, and they are a great marketing tool to reward customers while they have fun at your venue, for example for their spending habits at your center or even for booking many activities with friends or just to provide your activities with discounted prices.

What is a voucher?

A voucher consists of:

  • An offer: the voucher will return a determined amount of money or a product (e.g. one 10-minute heat or a bowling session)

  • Expiry date: date or duration of the voucher for example: (it is valid for 1 year or until a certain date)

  • They can be transferable if they contain money value, or personal if they contain credits.

All these voucher features can be defined by you, being possible to have various types of vouchers for different types of customers.

Voucher features

They can also be automatically generated and tracked for gaining insights on your customers by getting the following information about the voucher:

  • When it was created

  • When it was redeemed

  • Who redeemed it

  • What product/services was redeemed

Ways you can offer vouchers

You can sell vouchers at your venue or through the E-voucher shop available on the online booking software. Your clients can also buy vouchers through the mobile app.

You can reward customers as well by offering them free vouchers on their birthday, through birthday emails, or when they complete achievements, in the gamification feature available in the mobile app. For example, after making x reservations at your center, the customer is rewarded with a voucher to redeem for an activity. 

You can read more about gamification at your venue and getting customers to complete achievements here.

Vouchers can boost future sales, it can be a great way of making revenue if your center is temporarily closed. Do you want to start implementing vouchers in your entertainment center?

Reach out to our Customer Success team!