New feature in automated emails: Abandoned cart emails

When it comes to online shopping, people are multitasking, comparing, thinking about it and they might even forget what websites they visited. Especially with planned activities, people are hesitant to commit and pay for a timeslot when they are not sure if they will have time.

We couldn’t ignore this online conversion booster any longer. If people are this close to making a purchase they are already committed, this will increase the chance of these emails being opened. You don’t have to trust our gut feeling, we went to check out some statistics that you might find interesting.

According to research performed by MOOSEND the overall rate of a cart being abandoned is 69%, without an abandoned cart email we don’t see a lot of these people coming back. Especially when they abandoned carts with competitors that do use an abandoned cart mail. The average e-commerce email has an opening rate of 15%, abandoned cart emails triple that number with a 45% opening rate.

It is hard to determine why a client abandoned his cart, especially with the majority now booking on the go with their smartphone. An external factor might have distracted your client.

Now you can have a second go in convincing that customer. Even better, now we have information that we can use to our advantage. Since we know they are interested in the product and thinking about making a booking we can try to help them make that step. You could offer free cancellation within 5 days, you can remind them of a discount voucher or even use this opportunity to highlight new karts, a new track layout or anything else worth mentioning.

Do you want to strengthen your online conversion rate and get an edge over your competitors? Contact to set up your abandoned cart email. We believe you should remind distracted customers to finish their purchase or get that indecisive potential customer to reconsider your track.