Adapting to new taxes has never been so easy.

Did your government change the tax rate during this exceptional period? Or do you want to be ready for when they do in the near future? It's vital to benefit from these changes the moment they get implemented. Being prepared for change has already been crucial in 2020. That's why we created this guide with three easy steps making sure you are ready.

In our software, you can make this change with just a few clicks:

Step 1 Go into your software, open the menu, and go to "Products / Taxes." 

Step 2 Find the current tax rate and double click on it.

Tip: You are also welcome to create a new tax rate and add your products manually

Step 3 Change the tax rate in percentages and preferably also in the name to avoid any confusion.


Now the new taxes are calculated on all future transactions. Please note that the tax may not be changed on payments already made.

Click here for the full tutorial.