From SMS-Timing to BMI Leisure: new brand, more fun!


B&MI N.V. has been developing software, business & marketing solutions in the karting industry for 20 years. We understand that our market changes rapidly. Customers are constantly looking for more fun, diverse, experiences and that is why many entertainment businesses started to bet on having more than one activity in their venue.

Family entertainment or multi-activities are becoming more and more popular: Lasertag, Bowling, trampoline game, karting, escape rooms, and more…

In order to serve more clients and deliver more satisfied smiles, we realized we can keep up with this trend and help more businesses grow, having started to provide our services to a wider range of entertainment businesses in the last few years.

Thus the creation of BMI Leisure is our strategic move in the entertainment industry.

Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture is reinforced by our diverse team, composed of several nationalities which made us accomplish an international positioning as our company kept growing. We distinguish ourselves by working on optimizing the growth of entertainment centers, making sure our partners focus on providing fun, entertaining experiences to their customers, while we take care of the rest: with an in-house software suite prepared to run, grow and optimize all aspects of entertainment businesses.

Our mission

The mission of BMI Leisure is to help family entertainment centers and multi-activity centers worldwide to grow in an optimized way by offering superior quality software and innovative solutions to manage all aspects of business now and in the future.

Devoted to constant development.

Our development team is devoted to creating more features and functionalities of our software, that is why our registration Kiosk, Mobile App, Online Booking, Back Office, Marketing Automail system & Mass Mailing services, Business Insights, and many more are considered the simplest, most reliable and flexible software solutions in the entertainment industry.

All in all,

we bring value to entertainment centers and streamline business operations with the highest personal dedication to both our partners and their customers' satisfaction.

More than software providers, we are your strategic partner on the road to success.