Customize your online booking, ask the right questions to the right customers

Our online booking received some useful enhancements lately! With online booking being one of our most crucial products, especially during this time where online can be the only option for making reservations and finding information, we couldn't sit around and leave it unchanged. We had to make it extra useful to be able to take on tasks that wouldn't be so important in a pre-COVID world but are crucial now. 

We feel that customizing the information you gather is now more important than ever, this can be because your government obligates this or just because you want to. That's why you can now customize the customer flow and information you gather for online sales! According to your membership and loyalty plan, you can decide which registration flow the customers will follow online.

You can now choose between these categories of online customer flow

  • Normal: Clients can choose to register online, or do the login if they are already a member or even decide to disclose only necessary contact information.

  • Simple: clients can insert only basic information (name, surname, email address and mobile phone number).

  • No Guest: The clients need to register or do the login, but can't only leave guest information.

The registration process will depend on how you are selling the membership to your clients so that you can adapt it as most convenient for you.