Why is data important for your business?


Data has become a daily subject in our lives for the past few years. This is due to the realization of its importance and the influence it can have on business insights.

By collecting and analyzing data from your customers, you can get to know them better, which can contribute to an increase in customer satisfaction.

This is just one of the reasons why you should start taking advantage of the data your entertainment business generates. Below we have some uses for data that you can implement to start seeing an improvement in results.

Uses for data generated from your business:

  • For insurance and security purposes: in case of an accident, you need to have all the required data to be safe from a possible denunciation

  • To gain more awareness about your clients and their needs

  • To set up loyalty and reward plans for your clients

  • For communicating events, promotions, and news to your clients

  • During covid times: To track visits and people links in case something goes wrong in your region, in order to inform the authorities and create a safe environment for your visitors.

Our features for data collection

With our software, you have various ways of easily collecting data.

Not thinking only about basic registration, you can also make questionnaires to your clients, for example, to check the activity that drew them to your venue, to check where or how they found out about your business, or even to ask their preferences and feedback.

These questionnaires can bring you great insights into how your customers perceive you, and the fact that you decide which questions go into the questionnaire allows you to discover very specific information about your visitors.

We can customize the flow for the registration process as you wish, and create a questionnaire for your visitors. You can also have a questionnaire where you ask the feedback after an activity.

Think about all you might want to know about your clients and see if it reflects in the questions you ask them. There is a sea of possibilities! You can customize all questions by following the tutorials here.

Registering minors

Another relevant subject is the registrations for minors.

You can have different guardian flows, for example, every time an adult registers, he can register minors under him and he will be registered as guardian.

Or you can simply activate the guardian data question for people under 18 years old. The system automatically distinguishes an adult from a minor, all thanks to the age question, and in case it detects a minor, it will ask for the guardians’ information.

We are more than happy to provide you help with your data-related questions, feel free to contact our Customer Success team.