Give discount codes to customers!


Discounts are great. Ever since they have become more popular, people started thinking twice before buying a product, service, or activity, in order to make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

All this to say that it’s very unlikely for someone to buy a product for the original price if they have a discount code in hand. Giving a discount to your customers can make you win a lot more than just revenue.

People like to share good experiences.

People usually buzz around, physically and digitally, and if they had a pleasant experience at your venue it is highly likely that some of their friends, family, or even other people in their circle will hear about it. These are all opportunities for your entertainment center! 

Sometimes a small discount can bring a big return. Hence why word of mouth continues to be such a relevant and powerful marketing tool.

Discount codes are easy to configure & customize

Discount codes consist of:

  • A percentage of discount on certain products/services

  • A selection of the products for which the code can be applied

  • A limit of usage. You can generate x amount of discount codes (you choose the quantity) and then promote the code, for example, "Christmas20". Once the total amount of codes is reached, the discount ends.

How to use discount codes in your business

Discount codes can be used to entice customers into making a reservation for an activity for the first time, to motivate regular customers to pay you a visit again, and so many other possibilities!

You can promote the discount codes on your social media pages, through your venue, for example by using TV or even sending them out to customers by using emailing campaigns or push notifications. Your website is also a valuable promotion tool for the discount codes to be displayed on, as it's another factor that drives people into making a purchase.

These discounts can be mindful, and only applicable to certain activities. For example, you can only use the code "HOLIDAY20" for 20% off on bowling reservations booked during the holiday season.


If you would like to set up discount codes for your entertainment center but don't know where to start or if you have other questions, our Customer Success Team is just an email away!