Get connected with your guests via Mobile App


With over 3.2 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide, 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.* There is an obvious increasing demand for mobile apps in the leisure industry in order to improve guest interaction and experience. The market trend today is to give guests more personalized services at multiple touchpoints- including the mobile app at the most convenient of guests.



Our Mobile app- Activity Box

We optimize the growth of your family entertainment centers. It is very common that there are multiple activities in your centers- trampoline parks, bowling alleys, paintball, arcades, laser shooting, karting tracks, … That is why our Mobile App is called Activity Box- All the activities are in one box waiting for you to open!


  • Available both for Android and iOs 

  • Access all results and activity history anytime

  • Book activities & products and pay as you like

  • Mobile Loyalty Card and QR code for scanning

  • Social Media sharing function

  • ... ...

Gamification- more fun experience for your guests

It is still something new when we talk about “Gamification” for our guests. Imagine you always have the loyalty cards from your favorite café, shop, or supermarket. They give you a card to collect points, so you can get 1 free coffee after you have consumed 10 cups or a $5 coupon for your next purchase after $100 purchasing. Yes, it is not that new to you and we have an even more advanced promotional feature for your family entertainment centers. We call it GAMIFICATION as it is really something fun for your guests to unlock achievements in our mobile app. You can set up the game rules and your guests will get rewards if they finish some tasks in real life. Interesting, isn’t it?

Push notification- new way to communicate with your guests

Push notification is just a new way of messaging instead of SMS. It is more personalized as you can choose the audience segmentation and your guest can choose if they would like to allow push notifications or not. Most of our partners think push notification is handy. You can use our push notification for many purposes:

  • Automatic reminder sent before activities begin so your guests will never miss their session to play (streamline your operation without any delay and improve your guest experience)

  • Regular communication to your guests for news and warm greetings

  • Promotional information to attract more guests and boost your sales

  • Other ideas that you would like to impress your guests

How to use Mobile App wisely? Our tips!

It can be difficult to ask guests to download your mobile app and keep updating it on their mobile phones. However, many actions can be taken to make a big difference!

  • Create a good gamification system: A good beginning is half the battle. Decide in what way you would like your activities and products to be promoted, and we will make it happen! You can also check your Business Insights and update and review your gamification setup from time to time! 

  • Put more Marketing effort into making it work: Create advertisements on social media, send out email campaigns to all your guests to encourage them to download the app, put the mobile app downloading QR codes everywhere in your family entertainment centers (at the entrance/ on the table/ on the TV display/ leaflets and banners/ kiosk or even the door of toilets)… If your guests do not know, how do you expect them to download? Brand awareness is important here! 

  • Give a small incentive like a free drink/snack: Ask your guests to download when your guests are waiting or taking a break before the next activity. They have plenty of time to do it and who will refuse a free treat?