How Can BMI Boost Revenue For FEC?


Simplifying the buying process for customers in any industry is bound to trigger an increase in sales. But with BMI Business solution, your family entertainment center will start selling higher transaction values, more often, to a larger audience, almost immediately. 


BMI’s intuitive software has added key features that automatically help FEC owners increase income. Let’s take a look at how they're doing it. 

Drive off-peak hours reservations with BMI’s Dynamic Pricing

During the online booking process, guests are prompted to pick an available time slot for their desired activity. But what if they were shown that they could save by booking at a less popular time?

BMI’s Dynamic Pricing feature allows FEC owners to customize and display price differences for corresponding days/times. This gives guests the option of booking for a reduced fee during slower times. 

Wait, doesn’t that mean less money? 

On the contrary! Peak times will always bring in the crowds. And anyone who has worked in a family entertainment center knows: 

  1. How stressful the weekend crowd can be on staff and resources.

  2. The dilemma of balancing earning potential and operation costs during non-peak times. 

What if a mom could see that having her son’s laser tag birthday party would cost her 25% less on Wednesday instead of Saturday (which also might already be fully booked)? 

Or imagine if the HR manager realized that booking that team-building event before noon rather than after would cost $5 less per person?

Offering your guests reduced prices for off-peak hours allows you to avoid crickets during the weekdays, reduces the amount of frustrated visitors who have to endure long wait-times during the weekend, and gives more options for event reservations once weekends are fully booked. 

Effortlessly capture & organize customer data

BMI’s Online Booking automatically opens a channel of communication between you and your guests and captures visitor information such as email addresses, allowing for future marketing opportunities. 

Our powerful software instantly captures and organizes all guest data from the moment of booking. With marketing lists ready to go, you’ll cut the time it takes to get your campaigns and promotions off the ground and watch them capture conversion rates like never before.

Never hassle with manual data input again! BMI’s Online kiosk does the heavy lifting for you, so you can market your family entertainment center smarter and better than ever.

And we don’t stop there -- Check out how BMI’s customized & automated email packages capture new leads and foster customer loyalty, simply and affordably. 

Seize easy upsell opportunities with customized gamification

BMI’s Online Booking system allows family entertainment center owners to feature customized gamification options as guests make their reservations. It can be combined with BMI Mobile app, so the guests are able to accumulate their achivements and stay updated with the latest promotions and customized offers. Some popular gamification includes:

  • Food & concessions promotions

  • Extra arcade minutes

  • Added kart rounds

By presenting your guests with gamification options at online booking, you instantly make it easier to increase your average transaction value. And when guests can purchase such items online, you’ll improve wait-times and workflows the day of the reservation.

Technology is taking the leisure industry to new places. We want your Family Entertainment Center to come along for the ride.

Book a FREE demo today to see how our powerful business software can drive bookings, boost revenue, and take your FEC places it’s never gone before.