Guide more clients to online booking

Online booking solutions reduce workloads for your staff and optimize customer service. Your clients check availability, book, and even pay online. As a business owner, you want your customer to be happy, and making the booking process convenient for the customer is one great way to achieve your goal.

In this blog we share 2 tricks on how to introduce online booking to your clients:

  • Ensure that your booking buttons are clearly visible on your website and social media.
  • Promote online booking inside your business

Clear buttons: Book Now

Place a "Book now" button on the first page of your website. If possible, add a button or link on your menu. It's an easy and effective way to get clients to your online booking. Don't forget to add buttons to your other pages (contact, activities, calendar...) as well.

Take advantage of the native "Book now" buttons on social media to get more traffic to your website and therefore your online booking.

Visible QR codes in and around your venue

Thanks to a simple QR code your clients can easily access your online booking.

Include these QR codes in marketing materials like gift cards, posters, and anything else you’re using to promote your business. Within the QR code, there’s a link to your online booking (or a specific product) and so when a client wants to book an activity, all they have to do is scan the QR code with their phone and be directed to your site.

Step 1: Find the link to your online kiosk and/or online booking.

Step 2: Make a QR code from these link(s) and save it as a .png

Step 3:  Add the QR code(s) to a poster.

Step 4: Print the poster and stick it to a convenient place.

Step 5: Refer your clients to the posters when they arrive at your business.

No Online Booking yet?

Make sure your online booking is a positive experience, made for your type of business!