Reliable & secure: Benefit from our hybrid system


There are too many facts to consider before choosing the right infrastructure for software. Our software is a combination of web-based applications and desktop applications, which can be considered as a hybrid system to make our software more reliable and secure for your family entertainment center. 

The main concern is that web applications rely on stable internet connections, while desktop applications run on a local database without the requirement of internet. That is why it is a conscious choice from BMI Leisure to develop a system that can not only RUN your business, but also IMPROVE your business.


To run your business,

we’ve developed a desktop software solution that provides all the benefits below:

  • Reliability and security of your data. All your data is locally stored and you own them locally. It does not require any online transactions, but it happens locally, which avoids the risk of a data breach.

  • It runs faster as it doesn’t slow down due to the internet connection. Every action will make changes locally, instantly on your database, which can be faster operational-wise. 

  • Do not rely on an internet connection. Seriously, you do not want to close down during peak hours at weekends when you lose internet connection in your center. With us, there is no need to worry at all! Our system will continue running smoothly because your database is locally stored on your PC. Non-stop operation as long as your computer is working. 

  • Data is saved on your local PC provided with backup, in case anything goes wrong. We are more thoughtful than you think! For example, there is a backup folder that ensures you find your original data back if someone deleted something by mistake. 

  • Easy customization: Desktop-based software is more open to integrations. It is much more sophisticated than the web-based system, which gives you more possibilities for personal configuration as well as more customization regarding functionality development in the future. 

To improve your business,

On the other hand, we understand the importance of the website applications which help you to improve your business, use contactless and digital solutions that's why to improve your business, we’ve developed a lot of web-based applications, such as online booking, auto emails, online office, mobile app and more… 


So, What does it mean?

If the internet stops, the local system such as POS, KioskOffice, will ALWAYS work, and ensure that your clients will have a good experience at your center! The online applications will be back as soon as the internet connection is recovered.


Scenario with a web-based system

On a Saturday evening, our clients are waiting for their race/activity and you cannot let them drive/play because your web-based system is fully down.

No internet connection. HUGE DISASTER! Now what? 

No registration, no booking, ordering, or billing, and no appointment scheduling. The waiting line can only get longer.
Do you want to close down your business? What will the people waiting think about your karting center? Will they ever come back? How would you apologize to them? Especially those who are celebrating a birthday party or important event at your center?

Scenario with BMI Leisure

What happens with BMI Leisure?

Basically, everything will run smoothly. The clients will register from the kiosks, then they will go to the POS, schedule a time slot, pay and enjoy their activity. 

Happy clients, happy reviews, happy you!


What else do you expect? Our software ensures to run in any situation, you can rely on us for the continuity of your fun business. Relax, everything is working smoothly!

For your business, we have desktop software to ensure your operation will never stop; for your customers, we provide online websites and mobile app service to increase their satisfaction.

We think fully for you and everyone. 

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