Simplify daily tasks in your venue


Having smooth, stress-free working days can seem like a faraway utopia but that is what user-friendly software was created for. Having intuitive software will save you from a lot of headaches!

Below we have some features made especially to improve the efficiency of payments and the flow of people in your center.

Reward your customers with discounts

Discounts can be a good strategy to implement in order to keep customers happy and bring potential clients to your karting or entertainment center.

This is where our new feature comes in handy. Now you can manually give discounts to clients!


It all happens during the payment process.

When a client pays for their order, you will notice a new button on the payment screen that allows you to give manual discounts. 

The details behind the discount are up to you. This is how you do it:

  • In the booking software, you select a discount and the products you want to assign to it.

  • The products included in each discount are configured by you.

  • Afterward, you can also see the original price next to the attributed discount and to the new price.

You can read a more detailed tutorial here.

More payment features

You can also let people make more than one payment at once.

To easily make payments for 2 or more people, you can have one of the customers paying for everyone else with the “Charge me” button.

For example, if 2 friends book an activity in your center, you can let one of the clients pay for his friend’s activity with the credits or money they might have on their membership.

This saves you time and it also improves the people flow in your venue, allowing for shorter waiting times.

Our software lets you do your most common daily tasks in just a few clicks.



You can start seeing big improvements in how you run your entertainment center starting with small, simple, steps like these ones.

Feel free to contact our team for more information.