Advanced Feature Highlights: Staff Clock In System


It is not possible for managers to be always in the family entertainment center. So when managers are away, how can they check the attendance of each employee? Is there trouble calculating the actual working hours of part-time flexible workers?

No matter how big your team is, it is important to manage people in an efficient way. In order to streamline the operation of your business, our technical team developed a new feature in our software with the Advanced Clock In System to ensure the accurate arrival and finishing time for employees.


Advanced Clock In System can allow your staff members to fulfill their "clock in" and "clock out" tasks via the Kiosk Registration devices. By entering their Pincode or simply scanning their staff card, each employees' attendance can be recorded automatically with instant photo taking. Therefore, the manager can generate a report with an hourly rate as a payslip.

Greater Accuracy

Digital Time Tracking on one of your devices with our software. It is easy to let your staff manage themselves by clock in and out via our software. Our software will automatically show the clock in and out time as well as the duration of the actual working shift. There will never be any confusion or mistake in writing the time down. Also, no integration with other software or platform required so it will provide you a smooth operation experience for staff management.

There are three ways you can use it: 

Greater Transparency

It will be a headache if some of your staff try to "help" each other with the clocking system or have some integrity issues.

We are already two steps ahead. Our developers thought thoroughly and invented the anti-cheating solution so you can do double-check if needed. 

  • You can set up the Clock In System in a way that employees need to enter their pin codes as well as take a photo in front of the camera every time they use the system. 

Simple as "Seeing is believing". Right?

Greater Efficiency

Our Advanced Clock In System exerts a great impact on the automatization of staff evaluation and reports. You can simply choose the time period you need and will make it easy to prepare payrolls.

  • Daily staff clock-in and clock-out data can be checked as individual records.
  • Staff attendance reports can be exported/ printed for payroll preparation.

With no additional attendance checks and shift hours counting, the manager can save more time and energy focusing on the customers. Isn't it nice? 

Advanced Clock In System: Simple Staff Management Solution

Running a big family entertainment center is not that easy. There are so many things that need to be checked and operated by staff. Meanwhile, there are always many students and part-time employees working in your center. The same as supermarkets nowadays with self-scanning kiosks to let customers do shopping by themselves, the best way to save cost and make your team flexible is to let your employees manage themselves via our digital time tracking system.

Why not give it a try and save your managers from drowning?