Advanced Integration

Software that is simple, flexible, and customized. 


We know the importance of operation simplification, and also the possibility that you have more than one system for your activities such as karting, trampoline, arcades, and laser tag. 

BMI Leisure software is flexible to deal with all integration to simplify your operation, no matter if it is about systems, fiscal regulations, or payment.

See the non-extensive list of current integrations below. Eager to learn more?

Jump Ringz Wristbands Integration

A new tool to improve your guest experience with BMI Leisure 

Maximize Your FEC Revenue To The Minute With Smarter Time Tracking Wristbands - Jump Ringz.   
Easy operation with scheduled activities via our BMI Booking (POS system).  
Ideal for any time-based activities such as trampoline & water park access, inflatable & playground playing, and roller skating, etc.  

Payment Integration

Payment providers

More than 20 integrated payment platforms, local and worldwide

Giving the possibility to connect with all payment methods for your customers all over the world.

Payment methods

Arcades System Integration

With arcades system integration, you can easily manage the loyalty membership cards and deposits without extra administration work.  

Laser tag system integration

With laser tag system integration, the players' information will be shown automatically in the laser tag system- their names and scores afterward, which can be very handy for all-in-one activity management.  

VR system integration

Same as laser tag, the integration combination of our software and the VR system can make a real difference! Your staff can save time and energy with the system operation and the players' experience will be much more personal. 

Waterpark, Spa Entry Management

Seamless operation for gate control and entry system of waterparks, spa and leisure facilities

Customized Integration, possible for you

Can not find the integration you want? 

No worries.

We have an in-house development team with IT experts to fulfill your customized requirements.