Are you looking for basic hardware to smoothly run your entertainment center daily?

You're in the right place. We sell receipt printers, signature pads, QR scanners,and the list will keep on growing!

Not a software client? That's okay, you can still buy hardware from us. Some advantages you get include:

  • Exemption of local taxes thanks to it being an international transaction.

  • Rely on us for any warranty concerns.

Check out the hardware we offer & contact us for a personalized offer!

QR Scanners

Manage and keep track of barcodes with QR Scanners.

A wireless QR scanner gives your employees a more flexible solution than conventional ones, being especially useful if they are always on the go! This can be activity hosts or anyone needing a QR scanner portable enough to be used anywhere.

Receipt printers

Print receipts with the world's most successful thermal receipt printer.

With Epson's TM-T88, you get high printing speeds and an extremely reliable product that does its job just as it should.

Signature pads

A signature pad, attached to your POS, is of great use to sign tickets, waivers, and more. The Wacom STU-530  is ideal for any signing environment, having a screen large enough for longer signatures, easy to read in various lighting conditions. 

It is a trustworthy, secure, signature pad thanks to the encryption it uses, providing secure signing experiences.

Karting hardware

We provide karting hardware for the track at your venue as well! From transponders and loops to LED boards and lights, everything your track needs to function perfectly.

Interested? We are more than happy to place an order for you or to answers your questions.