Extra product information

At BMI Leisure, we can't predict the future for your entertainment business, but we can surely help you plan it and back it up with actual numbers! 

How it works

The BMI Insights module is a powerful and unique software tool that allows you to have a proper forecast of your business by taking into consideration the revenue based on your venue history. 

By having clear access to real numbers, you will manage to make short-term sales goals or long-term plans much more easily.


  • Analyzing customers' behavior can help you improve customer satisfaction
  • Track performance and, consequently, improve the return on the investments you are making
  • Enhanced risk management thanks to the forecasting of potential success from previous years
  • Boost your efficiency and smooth out operations by discovering issues in products or services being sold
  • Identify ways to increase profit and gain a competitive edge

Access all your information anywhere, at any time. You can access it whenever you want, on your computer, phone, or tablet from any place in the world.

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