BMI Customer Success Program

Maximize the value of BMI Leisure products and services by partnering up with our committed team - IT, Sales & Marketing, to achieve your business goals.

Areas of analysis

Areas of analysis

  • Audit overall results
  • Defining Strategy
  • Measure results
  • Make adjustments
  • Achieve results
  • Continuous improvement

Extra product information

What is the Customer Success Program?

The Customer Success Program aims to ensure that our partners are operating at their full potential and that their business is achieving the desired outcomes. 

Why did we create this program?

At BMI Leisure, our philosophy goes beyond commercial exchanges; our goal is to develop mutually beneficial, strong partnerships. If you manage to provide great, fun, experiences to customers while using our products and services at your entertainment center, then it means we are also succeeding! 

How it works:

Our program works with combined cooperation within our team - Account Manager, IT Department, and Marketing. 

We proactively approach our partners, review processes that are currently taking place, and discuss their current operations. It's a process developed based on a step-by-step approach, meant to bring our partners closer together.

Are you a current partner and you like to be approached by our team?

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