BMI Karting Add-on

Ideal for management of all karting track-related running & maintenance for the track on your venue. It includes timing software and a back-office garage for optimized monitoring of time and parts.

This add-on is fully integrated and compatible with all our BMI software.

Products included*:

  • BMI Timing
  • BMI Back Office Garage
*We do not sell these products separately.
Product features

Product features

BMI Timing

With the timing software, you can control everything related to your timing. It can be used with any timing hardware available on the market.


  • User-Friendly Kart Assignment 
  • E- Racing Module
  • Electric Kart Speed Rewards
  • Split Sectors
  • Pit-in & Pit-out (Pit stop counts)
  • Slowdown System Integration
  • Notifications
  • Grand Prix Module
  • Light Control
  • Endurance Module
  • Multiple Timing Systems Connectivity
  • Pay & Go System


BMI Back Office Garage

The BMI Back Office Garage is a complete software solution with more than just time and parts monitoring. Its efficiency can successfully diminish your fleet's operational costs.


  • Kart Overview
  • Kart Details
  • Karts Parts
  • Import Parts
  • Kart Warnings
  • Kart Tasks
  • Spent Time and costs
  • Vehicle Report
  • Parts Overview
  • Parts details
  • Parts Warning
  • Tasks Overview

Extra product information

This Add-on gives you what the track at your venue needs to run smoothly and efficiently. It includes Timing & Back Office Garage software.

The BMI Timing Software

Our karting timing software can manage any type of race due to its compatibility with all timing hardware in the world. We are compatible with all existing brands in the market.  

You can control everything related to your racing. With the assistance of the notification screens, not a single point can be missed due to a defective transponder or anything else.

The timing system also has a race management module, where you can connect the software to your venue's track lights and to your ventilation system. 

BMI Back Office Garage

The garage software is one of the best tools to help keep your karts in shape and to have use costs under control.

We developed this software to assist you in optimizing your go-kart costs in the following ways:

  • Which parts have been changed
  • Total cost monitoring for a specific go-kart
  • Monitor the time spent on each go-kart
  • Assign tasks to your staff
  • Revision tasks planning

The virtual garage software can easily answer all your doubts and questions. By controlling your stock, you know exactly which components are installed on which go-karts, and more.