BMI Kiosk

BMI Kiosk is a quick and easy registration system, an essential tool for family entertainment centers with the ambition to improve customer flow by building a robust database.

Product features

Product features

  • Database building
  • Collect the data you want
  • Customized language options
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Personalized colors and background
  • Use the screen to display customizable message animations

Extra product information

Immersive experiences

With the BMI Kiosk software, your customers start experiencing your entertainment center-right when the registration begins. It's the software to choose if you want to provide quick & easy registrations at your entertainment center, for improved customer flow, with database building capabilities and a user-friendly experience, with the step-by-step registration system.

Adapted to your needs, the software can have a personalized design to match your brand look and feel. And if you want to make the customer experience even more convenient and intuitive, you can use the software with touchscreens! 

Learning about your customers

During the registration process, all the information you collect from visitors can be entirely configurable having your needs in mind.

This information will immediately be received at the point-of-sale, providing your staff members with the personal information they need to issue a membership card, depending on the alternative you feel is more suitable to your business model. 

If you want to maximize the results of your marketing efforts as well, the recommendation we give to our partners is, in most cases, to gather all the basic information that is needed in order to create a proper segmentation for sending catered email campaigns or having automatic email setups.

By following this process, your database will be built quickly and effectively, allowing you to save time and, consequently, money.

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