BMI Membership Cards

Develop customer loyalty at your venue with special advantages for members such as access to events, specific products, and promotions, to improve your returning customer rate.

Product features

Product features

  • Avoid typos & double registrations            
  • Better tracking of clients' interactions with your products 
  • Increase Returning Customers Rate   
  • More analytics of your business            
  • Strategy
  • Increased Marketing Efficiency       
  • Extra Revenue

Extra product information

Create loyal members

Reward your customers with special offers to thank them for their loyalty.
By creating a membership program, you will make customers feel like they are a part of a privileged club. This is why it is a great solution for turning occasional customers into dedicated members.

Advantages for them and for you

With the membership cards, you will be able to quickly check all the history of your client at your entertainment center, from the number of activities they have done in a certain period of time to the consumption made at the bar. 

Having this valuable information will allow you to impact them with relevant, specific, messages through emailing campaigns, automatic emails, push-notifications, and many more!

Motivate your customers to go to your venue, gather points, credits, or any other type of loyalty gains.