BMI Smart Kiosk

Smart kiosks improve the customer experience at your entertainment center right at the registration! Cause a remarkable first impression, that matches your brand look and feel.

Product features

Product features

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Database building
  • Customized database collection
  • Cross-Selling Capability
  • Customized language options
  • Personalizable background and colors
  • Customizable message animations on the screen

Extra product information

Time-saving x customer fun

Let your customers book and pay by themselves, it is all part of the experience for them and it saves you valuable time on daily operations. 

The most popular way of booking is our regular BMI Kiosk. But you can take it to the next level by implementing a self-service mode, installing our Smart Kiosk. It is excellent for workflow improvement in big venues.

It is all part of the customer experience

Your customers will be able to register, choose their session, book, and pay without it being necessary for them to go to the reception desk.

It is also possible to sell & receive payments for food, beverages, and other products through the smart kiosk, the customer just adds it after their registration and that's it!

All these variables will reduce labor costs as well as waiting time in your entertainment center, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

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