Jump Ringz Wristband

Jump Ringz is the paper wristband’s digital update. These lightweights, rechargeable LED bracelets can be used to track time, indicate age group, and even buy products or additional minutes for any activity your business offers. 


Product specifications

Product specifications

Why Jump Ringz? Why BMI Leisure?
Cool & Small  Accurate time tracking with easy-to-use POS 
RFID, long battery life  Seamless operations & Access control
Water-resistant & anti-theft  Personalized guest experience 
Safe & antimicrobial 

Best price from our offer 


  • Wristbands: Modern LED wristbands like Jump Ringz track time in 1-minute increments to help you bill every minute spent in the park which leads to maximized capacity & increased revenue.
  • 150 band charge station: Easy to charge 150 bands in one go. It looks like a shelf and will not take too much space. All wristbands can be simply put on the shelf and get charged.  
  • Retrieval fanny pack: Fanny pack helps prevent lost Jump Ringz from staff attempting to hold them or cram them in their pockets. Once the Fanny pack is full, staff can return them and place them back on the charging station so they are good to go for the next customer!
  • Magnetic release lanyard: A portable tool to release the anti-theft magnetic from wristbands. Your operational staff can just carry it as a lanyard. Free their hands and workload. 
  • Standard scanner activators: Scanners that can load time on the wristbands. Simply scan the wristbands like scan a QR code. The wristband will be loaded with data and start tracking the time. 
  • Accessories: replacement antimicrobial band, magnetic button. For all needs to maintain and repair your wristbands. Parts can be offered and purchased from our side.  


Extra product information

How does it work?  

  1. Guests purchase desired activity sessions online or in the center.  

  1. They check-in on BMI registration kiosks and sign up for the waiver.  

  1. Staff load purchased time and all participant information onto the Jump Ringz wristband in advance.   

  1. The wristband is locked onto the guest’s arm and will turn blue when the session starts.  

  1. The LED light turns red once the time limit has been reached.  

  1. Staff remove wristbands from participants. They can be gathered and placed back on the charging station at the end of the day.  


Streamline your operations + Maximize Guest Fun    

  • Wristbands with WOW effect: RFID technology, anti-theft, antimicrobial, cool & small, shock & water resistant......  

  • BMI Leisure software brings your operation to the next level: take control of playing time with easy-to-use POS  

  • Potential to arrange multiple activities & deposits with one wristband  

  • Great complete solution for Trampoline parks and water parks   

  • Best price-value ratio from our hardware offer