Advanced Multi-Venue Management

Comprehensive business intelligence software that allows operators full access across multiple venues, and locations.

One database is shared in all your family entertainment centers.

Expanding your entertainment business has never been easier.

Product features

Product features

  • Real-time data is available and shared on all your venues 
  • Gift cards & vouchers can be redeemed across venues
  • Online Booking is a hub for all venues: tickets sold via one platform
  • Improved customer behavior analytics
  • Advanced central reporting: commercial, operational, liability & financial overview 
  • Cross data for membership and waivers: seamless guest experience everywhere

Extra product information

Have data from all your venues integrated into one place.

This is what we offer with our advanced centralized CRM. With it, you will be able to have real-time data available in all of your family entertainment centers.

  • Seamless operation: Centralized booking and waiver system, intuitive system, and flexible support.
  • Better guest experience: Memberships, vouchers, gamification & loyalty programs can be shared across all venues. More choices and fun!
  • Advanced management: Scalable and controllable business model for franchises or big FEC groups. 

With insightful and accurate analytics, you are also able to build any report you want, including crossing data between all your venues. Crossing data allows you to improve your overall performance and income, by bringing you a better understanding of your customers and their behavior.

With BMI Centralized CRM, all your venues can be connected and controlled with just one database.

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