The perfect solution for you

Thinking of your priorities, we have developed various package solutions: from Basic, which has everything you need to kick start your entertainment business, to Premium, in which you can stay on top of your business by optimizing it, making sure you have all the tools to manage it efficiently.

Nonetheless, every business is different and that is why we also provide a customized solution to fit the needs of your business: The Ultimate solution, based on our robust Premium solution.



Smoothen your operations

You need basic operational requirement


Expand your size and open more venues

You have more quality and support needs


Increase the number of new & returning customers

Marketing automatization & effectiveness


Get insights into your financials, operations

Revenue growth & business strategy

Basic solution Standard solution Business solution Premium solution


Developed for entertainment center owners who are starting out their business and need to have necessary operations smoothly taken care of, such as booking, registering, and planning. 

Starting an entertainment business has never been easier.


With the Standard solution, you can start to see improvements in your business by easily organizing all your administration and sales towards achieving an increase in operational effectiveness.

Being on top of administration information helps you effectively manage your business and can save you time for other valuable aspects, like your customers.


Grow your business by improving your customers' experience at your entertainment center, attracting more customers, and increasing your activities.

This solution provides you marketing automatization & effectiveness, thanks to the convenience it gives you, with automation, and your customers, that can now easily book activities from anywhere they might be.


Optimize your business by taking full control of operations, thus achieving operational and commercial excellence.

The premium solution allows you to sustainably manage your business by focusing on revenue growth and business strategy, in order to make sure your entertainment business reaches its full potential.


All businesses are different and that is why we developed our "Ultimate solution".  We make the most of our robust premium package and give it a twist: customize it according to your needs.

Consider it the suit that perfectly fits your entertainment business.