De Voltage - Multiple Activities, Single System for Easy Operation

De Voltage was founded 25 years ago with the main focus to entertain people. The owner was fascinated with go-karts and was determined to create a place where customers could have a great time with speed and passion. They kept their location, an old factory of Dutch famous company Philips, and strived to grow till now. It all started with the go-karting track and later on other different activities and restaurants were added in order to service better customer experience, upsell, and to increase the time and expenditure from visitors at De Voltage.

Now they have more than 50 different activities and become a real Family Entertainment Center for all ages and entertainment purposes. Most customers visit De Voltage for go-karting, laser tag, bowling, and Escape Rooms. Every activity and room is thematized in the center- people like it!

Story With Us

De Voltage has been partnered with B&MI since the very beginning. They are the most loyal partner for more than 20 years. What is the secret with us? Our integrated software that streamline business operations. So easy!

They use almost all our products and services of our software solution: Online booking, event scheduling, Back Office, Back office Online and Mobile version, Marketing Automated Mails and Mass Mailing service, TV display, Mobile App, Business Insight and Client Success Program…… To be honest, they have the best say of our products!

Among all of them, their favourite product is our Back Office system and it really optimizes their daily operations. It is an ideal solution for making reservations, sending invoices and using the overview for planning. Besides, the online booking feature is integrated into their website so their service is able to be active 24/7 without any direct guidance from an employee. 

Customers appreciate the massive combination of activities, food & beverages and the unlimited amount of opportunities for events. Our software helps them with managing all these different reservations, making a clear program within no time, interacting with customers with different channels (Mobile App, Push notifications, Emails, SMS messages, etc.) up front and after their visit, which helps the center deliver great customer satisfaction.

My personal favorite functionality is the Back Office application where we can manage all of our bookings, future reservations, time schemes and invoices. As an FEC,  it is important to have a helicopter view. To manage different aspects, an efficient system that provides you with the right information in an overview is crucial for our business. I like that B&MI made it. 

Kevin Vervest
General Manager

Our development team is innovative and dedicated to improving our software and services. Over the years, our Online Booking has been updating and is a great feature for them now. Customers can book, pay and visit the center with just some steps on their phone or laptop. They receive the exact time of the activity and there is a flexible option to add more activities even for last minute change, which is important for the general customer journey. It starts before they even visit the center.

De Voltage always has a typical heavy flow of visitors during peak hours of the weekend. But not many during the day. It is in their interest to change the situation because it can reduce personnel costs and improve customer experiences. Thanks to our software solution, they can easily add some business rules, change time schedules and program the availability of online products. Finally, they can manage to diversify the amount of guests during the day!


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