Dock FEC - optimize the growth of family entertainment center


Dock FEC is located on the beautiful outskirts of Vlissingen, the Netherlands. This unique family entertainment center started from a Street Jump trampoline park and is ambitious to grow with multiple activities- laser tags, arcades, skyrider, dartwin games…… They are also developing laser karting, ninja tag and unreal bowling for more fun!  


Dock FEC est situé près de Vlissingen, aux Pays-Bas. Ce centre multi-activités unique a commencé avec un parc de trampolines Street Jump et a l'ambition de se développer avec d'autres activités - laser, arcades, sky rider, jeux de flèchettes... Ils développent également le karting laser, le ninja tag et le bowling pour plus de fun!

Advanced Operation

Streamline operations and reduce staff dependency

There are so many things that need to be done for daily operations. What is the best way to do it? 

  • BMI Leisure Booking system helps schedule multiple activities; sell combo deal packages; upsell food & beverage…… The intuitive software is user-friendly so Dock FEC staff can use it saving time and energy. Group, family, Parties & Events? No problem. You can even set priority for bookings to serve special guests only. 

  • BMI Kiosk is a self-registration system that can register guests and let them check in by themselves. This is a pivotal process for the guests’ safety as well as your remarketing strategy. Guests register their family and the information can be stored in the database. Safe and secure, no worries from you and your guests.  

  • BMI Back Office helps managers and other users control and manage operations any time, anywhere. 

Advanced online & mobile experience

Attract additional new and returning guests and increase revenue

  • Deck FEC chooses BMI Leisure digital platform of Online Booking to boost their online sales. Their guests can book multiple activities, combo products packages, parties or events in advance and pay online. This will offer a customized experience for their guests so when they come to Dock FEC, they can just enjoy the fun and food. Everything is arranged online.   

  • Mobile App is a powerful tool to get engagement with guests for Dock FEC. All guests with smartphones can get BMI Leisure Mobile App- Activity Box for free to check their booking and payment history, activity results, purchase tickets, and products via mobile app, register mobile as well as social sharing. 

  • There are more advanced functionalities to enhance the guests' experience: Voucher & Gift cards, Gamification & Loyalty system, Flexible pricing to optimize your revenue using multiple supported solutions. All in all, BMI increases guest engagement and guest return rates.

Advanced management & CRM

Remarketing and financial control becomes a piece of cake

  • It is important for the business of Dock FEC to capture data smartly and target guests that are interested in coming back. With BMI Leisure, they can get the best out of multiple touchpoints to acquire and enrich guest data.
  • Our data management of the CRM system has been highly appreciated here. It is no longer a headache for Dock FEC to send email campaigns & push notifications to the suitable segments. By defining triggers and promotions, automate communication can be sent via BMI Software. Marketing process is much easier with automated technology!

  • In terms of business, BMI Business Insights is a sharp weapon to let you fully control your business with up-to-date business and financial reporting. Furthermore, BMI provides Client Success Program to train your staff, support your request, consult your operational strategy, and review your business performance regularly. 

Plan your visit with BMI Online Booking

Currently, there is an “introduction promotion” with a combo package deal: Go to jump trampoline and feel the sensation of "zero G-force"; compete with your family and friends in laser games. Too exciting for you? Then a tour with e-choppers or taking a step in the arcade hall can be something for you. After all the fun activities, you can have a drink and enjoy the delicious food in the restaurant. 

Simply book and schedule your appointment online and see you there!