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Kartbaan Winterswijk was originally opened as a Karting Track in 1998. During these 22 years, they developed many activities and expanded their business to a multi-activity center with the same name. Now there are over 15 activities including glow-golf, prison islands, speed soccer, VR games and more. People like their center with so many choices of activities and they can enjoy themselves with more fun!

Story with us

Kartbaan Winterswijk was one of the first customers of B&MI. For the karting track, they use our Karting Add-on software where customers can make a Grand Prix race, see the passings, receive their lap times and so much more. The receptionists sell tickets and book clients from the  Booking system, and the drivers are added automatically on the Karting Add-on system. Every employee who is working can see how many people are driving in one heat and who is in the heat, which makes the operation clear and easy.

Lasergame is also linked to the BMI Leisure booking system thanks to the integration with Lasermaxx system. Receptionists book the players from BMI Leisure Booking system and print the entry tickets for the laser session.

Customers can register with their personal data in the BMI Kiosk or the mobile app. Their email addresses will be provided, and marketing communications shall be consented. With the database, it is easy to maintain customer relations by sending them an offer to trigger them coming back via email campaigns and automails.

Last but not least, they are happy with our team because of all the help they can get when they call for a 24/7 service line. It is crucial to keep good contact with each other and they can always call us when needed.

What the client says....

We are proud of everything we have. The Owner Ronald Rensink has built the company for 22 years and every year he is building something new or is refreshing an activity. When we build something new, the only thing we have to do for our software operation is just to call the BMI Leisure team and they can help add a resource line to our agenda. Yes, we can open it!

We are more than happy and love to work with BMI Leisure for hopefully a long time from now on! 

We use the booking system of BMI Leisure software for all of our activities. On the agenda, we can see in an eye blink what we can expect of a day and where we need our employees. Also with the payments we can do everything in the system. With everything in one program, it's working so much easier on a daily basis.

Antoinette Ter Steege
General Manager

Favorite product of all time

The online booking system! 

Our customers can also make an online reservation with the online booking system. All of our activities and packages are displayed on the site. It will show up immediately in the agenda and it makes booking and paying in advance a lot easier. We like the system the most because everything is in one program and we don’t have to switch software and platforms every minute to work with it.

At first we didn’t like the idea of not having direct contact with the customers by making a reservation for them. But since we use this, I love it! This system takes a lot of stress out of missing phone calls. I don’t want to work without it anymore!

We think all modules from BMI Leisure are helping us in our business and it’s making things a lot easier.

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