Ladybird Farm Leisure Center - Home of fun

Ladybird Farm Leisure Center (Katica Tanya Élményközpont)  is the first and only 4 season Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in Hungary, with both indoor and outdoor activities. Regardless of the age, kids and adults can find more than 100 attractions that fit their needs and create unique happy moments for family time.

Purpose of Life, where story begins...

Handó János, the founder of Ladybird Farm Leisure Center, has a very encouraging story behind his “little farm”. He believes that people need to have “a reason for being”; in other words, everybody must have some objectives. He and his beloved wife Eszter had a dream of driving around the world. Nobody believed they would do it and they saw unbelievers’ eyes when the plan was announced. They took a 14-month unpaid leave and drove around the world within 418 days, visiting 40 countries in 4 continents. It was a real budget trip, they had $10 for food and accommodation per day. When they drove on Stuart Highway in Australia, they had time to think about what they were going to do after arriving home.

In February 2000, on a sunny day, the idea of self-actualization was born: They would like to create an edutaining (educational and entertaining) center that is developed hand in hand with environment as a strategic principle and provide valued fun for the entire family. Named after the favourite bug of his wife, “Ladybird Farm” was born! They started to build their dream in 2001 and by now they have a family entertainment center with FUN:

  • over 100 attractions 
  • different types of accommodation (camping to apartments) 
  • traditional catering

They host over 85,000 visitors a year and are the market leader in Hungary in the FEC industry. 

Wise choice, where success started...

Prior to B&MI, they used a local software. With the previous system provider, things would be very cumbersome- it was difficult for them to handle family cards, and the same with the deposit management: when visitors topped up their visitor cards, they had to decide what they would use in advance. Due to tax reasons, there is no possibility for changes and flexibility. If customers changed their mind, it was a complex disaster for their administration process.

As the business and services were developing rapidly, they were not 100% satisfied with their system. However, they could not find a good replacement that would serve their needs better. 

They have set our expectations clearly: 

  • it should meet the business requirements for all activities. All in one system will be perfect.

  • a strong development team must be in place that continuously follows the FEC trends and translates the business requirements to software features

  • it should be able to meet legal compliance rules

It was in January 2019 and the chemistry between the “ladybird” and our BMI team worked well. Our “WE CAN DO” mentality impressed them at the very beginning. By May 2019, they were able to introduce our business solution in their whole operation: ticketing, F&B and accommodation sales, deposit handling and even go kart timing. Since then, our dedicated in-house development team continuously has been working for customized solutions to meet their requirements and kept developing. Now, they use our software as a front office sales system. They sell all products and services via our platform.


Featured functionality for 100% satisfaction

Listening to the client and thinking about what they need is important for our business. In this case, Ladybird Farm contains a service portfolio in a way that anybody from a family regardless of age can use as many of their attractions as they want. Moreover, 95% of attractions are also required to be used with a single entrance ticket in order to cater to different family budgets. Therefore, family-centric business solutions are what they were looking for.

The key functionality that serves them the best is the “Family card” feature. The “Family card” performs as a key unit of sales and marketing measurement. With “Family card” feature, families are able to buy a single card and use it all over the huge center for all activities and services: they can collect loyalty points after their consumption; they can pay with it; automated email campaigns can be linked to it and all consumption data can be captured for back-up to use in the future. It is a top-notch concept for them. A single card (actually a QR code that can be saved in any smartphone) can serve the needs of a whole family. 

I would like to call BMI Leisure as our “strategic business partner” rather than a “software provider”. What we need is solutions that support our business in the long run. If the current functionality is not good enough it must be developed further. I cannot emphasize it enough that: Any software provider in the 21st century must allocate enough resources for continuous development since technology and customer expectations are changing at a very rapid pace and if us as a service provider cannot keep up the speed there will be someone else who will. My experience so far ensures that BMI Leisure thinks in the same way.


János Handó

Furthermore, the family card can provide a cashless solution for everyone, thanks to another feature our development team developed for them - deposit management solution. Visitors can simply top up their family card and can pay anything with it.The VAT independent deposit handling improved their sales process at the end of the day.


Last but not least, the loyalty program provides more possibilities for them: family card holder visitors are rewarded after their consumption and they can use the loyalty points for services that are excluded in the entrance fee- big bonus for family and so much fun! Combined with the marketing features, the automated and customized emails will be sent based on the rules they requested. It is very crucial to attract returned customers - 75% of family visitors will return within 1 year after their first visit. 



  • All in one system - easy to use and perfect user experiences

  • Customer support - the 24/7 hotline with very helpful staff 

  • “We can do” mentality is a refreshing change compared to other competitors

  • The customer data and search functionality are excellent

  • Simply configure new functionalities as wanted on their own 


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