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The Team Building was created at the end of 2018 through a merger between Escape Room Get out of here and The Loophole. Both companies have then been successful in the leisure industry for a number of years. After jointly organizing a very successful 'Festival de Escapade', there was a longing for more. According to owner Paul Kleine, his dream has always been to connect people and have an unforgettable time. 

Family Entertainment Center in the Netherlands

An ambitious plan became reality. Now the Team Building has a building with more than 2300m2 of surface, centrally located behind the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The major renovation began and The Team Building was fully equipped with a lounge bar, meeting room, workshop space and of course the best activities- Crazy Karts, Axe throwing, escape rooms and also entertainment games for kids... It is fun for each member in a family and their motto is to create unforgettable moments for everyone.

Family Entertainment Center Multi-activities

  • Crazy Karts
  • Axe throwing
  • De verzetsgroep (escape room)
  • De diamondheist (escape room)
  • Case 0048 (escape room)
  • VOC escape (Kids escape game)
  • The floor is lava (interactive entertainment game)

Before & After...

Their Business challenges...

Because they grew from an escape room into an activity center,  they were looking for a total solution in terms of bookings, quotations, catering and so on. With the merging of two companies, it is really important for a company like them to improve and grow their business in an optimized way. They used to have a software supplier who only provided basic business solutions. However, they have been expanding and growing fast - they moved to bigger buildings with more activities and the low-quality basic software cannot support them any more. In order to increase their revenue and deliver more customer satisfaction, they spoke with several parties to consider changing to a better one. In the end, B&MI team has proved to be the best. The choice of BMI Leisure is not random: Our professionalism and flexibility have been decisive in their decision.


Our solutions

Operation streamline is what they really appreciate. They want an “All-in-one” solution for one system throughout their company. Nowadays, customers are more used to booking everything online before they go to the entertainment center. We provided online booking and booking software for them, which are the most wanted functionality: they want their business ONLINE & MOBILE! With our software and online booking service, they can reach and interact with their customers without worry! Isn't it nice?

The unique and creative experiences are very popular. They always want it a little bit different than usual. It is the same for our solutions in the market. Their new concept of go kart activity will be a unique experience for customers. Our development is still working hard to provide the best customized solution for them. Together with BMI Leisure, they can make even greater success.

We use the online booking system, reception and catering section in particular on a daily basis. The fact that this is all in 1 system makes it easy to use. 

The corporation with a professional partner as BMI Leisure ensures that we use the same software in several places within the company. This allows us to work a lot more efficiently!

Paul Kleine
General Manager

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