Build long-lasting relationships with your guests.


Create more meaningful and profitable relationships with your customers

Marketing automation

Automate everything from email marketing to in-app notifications with our marketing software.

Loyalty system

Reward your most valuable customers through engaging achievements, and give them a reason to come back for more.


Offer rewards and enable cashless payments.


Enable cross promotions and give guests a reason to come for more

Promotions & discounts

Optimize revenue through automated promotions.

Surveys & reviews

Capture direct customer feedback to enhance your offer.

Self-serve kiosk

The self-serve kiosk significantly speeds up registrations so customers get straight into the fun part of their visit.

Point of sales (POS)

Simplify your entertainment center's sales flow thanks to this end-to-end point of sales software with self-service and self-order systems.

Registration and waiver management

Digitally register your guests, capture relevant data and make sure all guests comply with the latest waiver version.

Stock & Inventory Management

Monitor performance and act accordingly.

Kitchen ticket routing

Optimize communication with your kitchen, no matter how big your venue.

Table management

Assign tables and optimize serving areas.

Gratuities / Tips

Optimize earnings for your staff.

Financial reporting

Our powerful software automates your financial reporting and makes sure it is accurate, consistent and in-time.

Back office

Stay on top of your business operations with easy offers and invoices.

Staff management

Automate much of your planning, to-do’s, and payroll with BMI Leisure’s staff management software for small and multi-venue entertainment centers.


Offer tickets through a variety of channels, including online.

Online booking

Our online booking solution allows your guests to schedule and pay their visits remotely. Convenient. Seamless. Efficient.

Gift cards

Amaze and engage new guests, across venues and franchises.


Optimize conversion through relevance, based on past behavior and preferences.

Dynamic pricing

Increase profits by enabling the best price.

Cross- and upsell

Boost revenue through additional services.


Multiple opportunities, like group, multi-use or season passes to increase guest spend and return.

Joint promotions

Create more appealing offers in collaboration with partners.

Combo deals

Easy configurable to boost sales

Group & event booking

Effortlessly plan, book and host events for groups.

Party booking

Deliver a great experience for party attendees.

Wristband & RFID integrations

Get RFID wristband software to simplify entertainment business activities such as timing, gamification, payments, and waiver management.


Curious what solutions we offer for entertainment venues?

Online Office

Easy access to all of your venues and keep a clear overview.

Expand without effort

Efficiently manage multiple venues and automate expansions thanks to our software for multi-venue management.

Cash accountability

Monitor and streamline cash management.

Food & beverage management

 Serve your guests and boost F&B orders.

Mobile POS (F&B)

Enable ordering at the table to speed up the process.

Bar POS (F&B)

Intuitive, fast, and simple point of sale for a smooth ordering process.

Cashless card systems

Use payment cards for a cleaner and smoother user experience

Mobile check-in & ticketing

Offer tickets through a variety of channels, including online.

Smart scheduling

Karting | Timing

A world-leading timing solution!

Karting | Safety & positioning

Increase safety and reduces staff dependency.

Karting | Facility management & maintenance

Optimize your fleet performance.

Mobile assistant

Manage your center at your fingertips.

Microsoft Power BI

Seamless integration with MS Power BI


Personalize your offer and optimize promotions based on captured data.

Mobile push notifications

Offer contextual relevance at your guests’ fingertips, with a higher impact than email marketing!

Mobile wallet

Cashless and contactless service for your guests.

Gamification and achievements

Spark your guests attention and let them come back for more.

Video marketing & digital signage

Welcome and guide your guests to your venue.

Real-time insights

Get real-time insights into every single move or transaction in your company. Easily manage multiple venues from any location.

Easy data access and analysis

Freely available without any restrictions.

Advanced reporting

Easily create business reports and find the data you need to grow your entertainment center.

Centralized bookings

Centralized booking leads to significant savings, better occupancy rates and an improved guest experience

Franchise management

Enable franchising thanks to our advanced software that helps with system support, budgeting, marketing, and much more.

Cross-venue management

Efficiently manage multiple venues and automate expansions thanks to our software for multi-venue management.

Centralized CRM

Centralized CRM - Keep a 360 degree view on your customers across all venues.

Centralized vouchers & gift cards

Sell where you can, redeem where your guests want.

Mobile app

Create a closer connection with guests, enhance their experience, and increase your revenue.

Payment processors

You can sign a direct contract with any payment provider.

Fiscal integrations

Avoid any fiscal issues thanks to our advanced all-in-one software

Our hardware, your party

Get our top-quality hardware for entertainment and karting centers without annoying lock-ins.