Bestellanleitung der E-Mail

The Email order guide is filled with conditions, tips, and advice to help you convey your message in style. Learn how to order an emailing campaign with better content, images, call-to-actions, and more.


  1. Plan your campaign on time = 5 business days before your deadline
    We always want to improve our services. Order your campaign on time, this way we can pay attention to the details, test & advise accordingly.
  2. Place your order via our form
    Your order will end up in our ticketing system. This way the entire team can follow up and contact you.
  3. Keep an eye on your mailbox
    We will send a test campaign to your mailbox. We need your approval before we can launch your campaign.


Do not send us images or any other files via MailChimp comments on your campaign. These will NOT reach us. Please communicate directly to


Make sure the content of your email is proofread before you place your order.
We count 2 business days to process your feedback. Please keep this in mind in order to meet your deadline.


Don’t wait in the dark, contact our team at +3214560070

How to write better content?

  1. Focus your message
    Some of the most effective emails have one clear message. If you have multiple messages to send, try breaking them up into a series of emails.
  2. Less is more
    Reduce the length of your email until you can simplify no more.
  3. Create a hierarchy
    Put the most important information first for people who are short on time.
  4. Break it up
    Use headings and bulleted lists to divide content into sections that are easy to understand. This helps scanners and skimmers.
  5. Link out
    If you have a lot of information to convey, link to a page on your website where subscribers can learn more.
  6. Use CTAs
    CTAs (Calls to Action) link readers to external content or ask them to do something. You can link images, buttons, or text.
  7. Be clear
    Write short and clear CTAs that motivate people to act (for example: Book Your Session or Subscribe to our 24H Race). Tell your subscribers exactly what you want them to do, using active language.
  8. Make a statement with photography
    You don't have to be a photographer in order to get professional quality photos. There are a number of stock photography websites to choose from, like Unsplash, Stocksy, New Old Stock, Can Stock Photos, Little Visuals.

How to send it to the right audience?

Today, customers are actively looking for a personalized customer experience. Targeted email marketing is a great way to respond to that need by ensuring that the messages those customers receive are always relevant.


1 emailing template/year €0
4 emailing campaigns/year €0
Extra emailing campaigns Price on request
Handling of your database €0

Segmentation of your database

(date of birth, gender, postal code, last visit date, best time)

Other segmentation Price on request
Personalization tags €0
2 feedback rounds/campaign €0
Extra feedback round €100
Order 5 business days upfront €0
Emergency order €250