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Elev8 Fun Fallstudie

Von Roberta Sabato21 Aug. 2023

Elev8 Fun burst onto the FEC scene by creatively repur­posing big-box spaces left behind by the retail apoca­lypse. This well-timed move allowed them to capitalize on the growing trend of experi­ences over goods. Their mission was to provide exciting experi­ences to millen­nials and younger genera­tions.

Forging a true partnership

Brian Lopez was hired to optimize Elev8 Fun’s experi­ences and scale them to a new location per year. He previously set up opera­tions for Xtreme Action Park in Ft. Lauderdale and had insight into opera­tional efficiency. However, the different systems used for booking, food, and commu­ni­cation in Xtreme Action Park created chaos. To streamline opera­tions, Brian switched to BMI Leisure, which unified the disparate systems and got them talking to each other. This led to a partnership between Lopez and BMI Leisure, which Lopez carried over to Elev8 Fun. Lopez recognized the oppor­tunity to build Elev8 Fun’s opera­tional infra­structure from the ground up with BMI Leisure.

BMI is a turnkey solution for attractions. The system can handle everything from A to Z.

Von Brian Lopez,Director of Operations at Elev8 Fun

Changing the game with self-serve kiosks

One of the first elements Lopez and BMI Leisure focused on was the self-serve kiosk platform. BMI Leisure’s kiosk solution is a great example of software and hardware working together, pushing the limits of automation,” he says. Lopez worked directly with BMI Leisure to improve and customize the kiosk workflow. They successfully adapted BMI Leisure’s Self-Serve Kiosks to Elev8 Fun’s needs. These kiosks will now be built into every new Elev8 Fun location on day one. With the self-serve kiosk solution, Elev8 Fun reduced the need for staff to manage customer regis­tration and sign waivers. The ratio of employees to self-serve kiosks is now 1:4.

Tangible benefits with BMI Leisure

Thanks to BMI Leisure, Elev8 Fun was able to scale its opera­tions at record speed. BMI Leisure provided a stable software solution that allowed for seamless integration with other systems, like Inter­card’s Cashless System. The self-serve kiosk solution reduced the need for staff, and the partnership with BMI Leisure allowed Elev8 Fun to build its entire opera­tional infra­structure from the ground up.

BMI Leisure’s Self Serve Kiosk solution is a great example of software and hardware working together, pushing the limits of automation.

Von Brian Lopez,Director of Operations at Elev8 Fun

Looking ahead

With the successful imple­men­tation of BMI Leisure’s solutions, Elev8 Fun now stands as a prime example of a thriving FEC. The company’s focus on creating memorable experi­ences for its customers, combined with BMI Leisure’s compre­hensive software and hardware solutions, has set the stage for continued growth and success.

As Elev8 Fun expands its opera­tions, it plans to incor­porate BMI Leisure’s self-serve kiosks into every new location from day one. This commitment reflects the trust and confi­dence that Elev8 Fun places in BMI Leisure’s ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the experience-driven market.

In conclusion, the partnership between Elev8 Fun and BMI Leisure has proven to be a remar­kable success story. By lever­aging BMI Leisure’s turnkey solutions, Elev8 Fun has optimized its opera­tions, enhanced the customer experience, and set new industry standards. With BMI Leisure as a trusted partner, Elev8 Fun is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory in the FEC space, delighting customers and redefining the concept of enter­tainment.

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