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Release Notes | January 2023

Par Roberta Sabato27 févr. 2023

Quality is key at BMI Leisure, so we are conti­nuously updating and expanding our software solutions. These are the highlights of our releases in January 2023.

Improved cash reporting: you can assign an alias to every user and PC to see who generated which sale on which device. The alias will also show on the cash report. This new release can increase revenue attri­bution.

now have their own section on a receipt, as they are peculiar. Making a deposit is not a sales transaction, so no taxes are due. This is compliant with the tax policies and requi­re­ments for deposits.

Those who order on a self service kiosk will have the option to pay at the counter. The kiosk will print the open bill and add a QR code so the cashier can easily complete the payment at the counter.

Clients with RFID cards can use them at the self service kiosk to log in. This doesn’t require any additional hardware as guests can use the NFC reader in every smart­phone. 

We also enhanced our Online Booking module. We simplified the process of modifying a booking in case a customer changes their mind. This is beneficial for your guest, your staff and your overall reporting.

As from this release you can easily provide voucher templates and bulk generate vouchers.

Lastly, we added multiple currencies to our payment solutions. A client can see multiple prices in multiple currencies on the payment terminal, select it and pay. This will also appear on the receipt.

We delivered the first integration with hotel management software. We deliver a seamless experience for these bookings, so they can be modified and invoiced without any hassle. You can see the full list of integra­tions here.