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Efficiently manage multiple venues and automate expansions thanks to our software for multi-venue management.

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Expand your business, fast

With our software, opening a new venue for your business is a piece of cake. With our standardized software set up, you can establish new venues and train new staff with your eyes closed. Add in franchise support and fully centralized functionality and you’re good to go.

Significant cost saving

Not only will you find it easy to set up new venues, but you’ll also enjoy managing them from a central location, saving you time and overhead costs. Our software gives you full budget control over all your venues, as well as the possibility to centrally organize IT, support, marketing, booking, and more. Centralized booking leads to significant savings, better occupancy rates, and an improved guest experience.

Find your reports in one place

Whether you prefer central reports or venue-specific reports, our software can handle it. It allows you to access all the data you want, whenever and wherever you want.

Customer story

“By adopting BMI Leisure, we were able to reduce headcount, while increasing customer foot flow.”

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

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