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Organize events in minutes

Thanks to our end-to-end event management software, organizing a group activity at your entertainment center is a piece of cake. You can easily provide standard packages to your guests, turn them into offers and subsequently convert them into sales and invoices.

Manage events with ease

Our intuitive software makes it as easy as beating your friend at laser tag to set up a standard event package. Moreover, the software simplifies offers and invoice generation for B2B events. Give companies the perfect team-building experience to convince their employees to come back with their friends and families.

Let your events flow

As information flows automatically between your systems, you don’t need to worry about manually registering guests and activities. Our software allows for a smooth onboarding flow, so guests are quickly ready to start their activities. Additionally, late arrivals can easily register and join in on the activities.

Customer story

“We didn't have any ability for pre-registration prior to BMI Leisure. With BMI Leisure, we pre-populate and pre-register all participants in a group, which benefits them and makes the customer experience better while also improving operational efficiency.”

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

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