Race through regis­tra­tions

Our kiosk is a quick and easy-to-use self-serve registration system. It helps entertainment centers improve customer flow, personalize experiences - while organizing waiver management - and build robust databases.

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Speed up the process

Say goodbye to long waiting lines and relieve employees. The self-serve kiosk significantly speeds up registrations, so customers get straight into the fun part of their visit. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax while the kiosk frees up your employees’ time for more meaningful activities, such as ensuring every guest leaves with a 10/10 experience.

  • Registrations in multiple languages
  • Guided step-by-step registration
  • For individuals, families, and groups

Create immersive experiences

Make your entertainment center stand out from the very first contact. Our self-serve kiosk offers you a frictionless first touchpoint in the journey of your guests. Take them along the registration process in a branded environment from start to finish.

Leave your waiver management in safe hands

The self-serve kiosk includes automatic waiver management to ensure every guest has signed the latest version. Let them sign manually or via one click on their phones for the best possible user experience. And make sure everyone gets the correct version by automatically configuring your waivers based on activities, product, or age.

Learn about your customers

Easily collect the information you need to improve your customer experience and personalized marketing efforts. The self-serve kiosk creates complete customer databases without extra effort on your end. Just collect information, segment your customers automatically and use it to send the right marketing email at the right time.

Customer story

“The BMI Self-service Kiosk is the best on the market. They can handle any type of FEC customer.”

Brian Lopez, Elev8 Fun

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