Conve­nience for your guests.

Our online booking software allows your guests to schedule and pay their visits remotely. Convenient. Seamless. Efficient.

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Start selling before the visit starts

Our customizable online booking software is a must-have to empower your guests. They can book sessions up front, decide their arrival time, and select a payment option at their convenience online, all without your intervention. It works seamlessly with on premise booking software to maximize efficiency.

Save yourself many hours

Thanks to this online booking sofware you no longer have to worry about answering hundreds of phone calls or emails. Guests can book and pay online, saving you and your staff many hours of manual work each week. The bonus? Starting with an empty tab increases their willingness to spend.

Attract additional business

Guests can book multiple activities online, opening up opportunities for cross and upsell. Offer drink and food combos, supplements, and additional time slots for their scheduled activities. Dynamic pricing can help attract guests in the hours with less activity while charging more during busier hours.

Customer story

Seth Behar, Xtreme Action Park

“BMI Leisure’s software offers the most complete feature set we’ve seen."

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

“Nearly 90% of all commerce reservations are now placed online. That number is up from 40%.”

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