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Get more clients thanks to our booking and guest registration software. Optimize your first encounter, facilitate onboarding, and upgrade your guest experience.

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Why BMI Leisure?

Synchronized data

Save yourself a lot of time on admin thanks to our software. We automate all we can so you don’t have to do the manual work. Bookings sync with calendars and POS systems. Waivers and personal data sync with our CRM system. You can work on one single synchronized system.

On-brand registration

Speed up your service and save on employees with our smart kiosks. Guests can place their own orders and complete their registration without your help when entering your venue. The display and process are customizable, so your guests feel your branding from the very first touchpoint.

Flexible booking options

Our software gives guests the flexibility to choose where and when they want to book. It allows them to book online or in-venue. Multiple ticket options let guests find enticing group or season deals. And thanks to a flexible and centralized booking system, you can easily move bookings to another venue or reschedule them.

Our software is focused on every industry

  • Karting

    Accelerate the growth of your karting business with all-in-one software for timing, waiver management, online booking, POS and more.
  • Family entertainment center

    Automate the growth of your family entertainment center thanks to our all-in-one or custom reservation software and management solutions.
    Family entertainment center
  • Trampoline park

    Manage time and serve your guests in a smart way to safely jump to the next level.
    Trampoline park
  • Amusement park

    Keep track of capacity to deliver the ultimate guest experience.
    Amusement park
  • Water park

    Manage time and activities in a smart way to ride the wave to happy guests.
    Water park
  • Arcades

    Start a new adventure with our software packages that fit every entertainment venue.
  • Laser tag

    Facilitate group bookings, so your guests can decide upfront who tags along.
    Laser tag
  • Adventure parks

    Start a new adventure with our software packages that fit every entertainment venue.
    Adventure parks
  • Escape room

    Escape the stress by giving your guests the opportunity to book their group activity upfront.
    Escape room
  • Bowling

    No need to stay in your lane with our software for multiple activity management.
  • Museum, zoo, aquarium

    Make every visit count, organize your ticketing and up-front bookings with our software.
    Museum, zoo, aquarium
  • Mini-golf

    Don’t be afraid to veer off course with our software for multiple activity management.
  • Indoor playground

    Offer hassle-free birthday celebrations and parties by offering packages.
    Indoor playground
  • Virtual reality center

    Improve your virtual reality center’s financial high score thanks to BMI Leisure’s all-in-one software for reservation, party, and business management.
    Virtual reality center

Key features

What our customers say

“We want to make sure that if there's a way to offer something that will make our guests’ lives easier, we do it. One of the biggest ways we’ve done that is using BMI Leisure software to make it easier for people to come in the door."

Seth Behar, Xtreme Action Park

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Other features


Offer tickets through a variety of channels, including online.

Gift cards

Amaze and engage new guests, across venues and franchises.


Optimize conversion through relevance, based on past behavior and preferences.

Dynamic pricing

Increase profits by enabling the best price.


Multiple opportunities, like group, multi-use or season passes to increase guest spend and return.

Joint promotions

Create more appealing offers in collaboration with partners.

Cross- and upsell

Boost revenue through additional services.

Combo deals

Easy configurable to boost sales

Group & event booking

Effortlessly plan, book and host events for groups.

Party booking

Deliver a great experience for party attendees.

Let’s grow your entertainment facility together!

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