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Best all-in-one software to optimize the growth of your entertainment facility

Our mission is to help you in the entertainment industry to grow in an optimized way by offering superior quality software and solutions to manage all aspects of your business now and in the future. We simplify your daily operations, allowing you to focus on your guest. We commit to a 24/7 partnership with the highest personal dedication to you and your guests' satisfaction.

Advanced Operation

Cut costs and reclaim time through streamlined operations and reduced staff dependency 

  • Advanced Waiver (registration): Check-in and waiver agreement both online and in center. 

  • Smart Booking: Booking & (re-)scheduling for multiple activities and sales packages.

  • Group, Family, Party & Events Booking: Manage groups and families of any size. Plan your event online or on location. 

  • Online Booking: Sell tickets, vouchers & products with flexible payment solutions.

  • Food & Beverage solution: Stock, supplier & table management; mobile ordering and ticket routing.

  • Staff Management: Easy Clock In/Out System with accurate time tracking.

  • Online office: Remote sales, marketing, invoicing, reporting, and operations administration.

  • Business Intelligence: Full control and visibility with up-to-date business and financial reporting.

Advanced Marketing & CRM

Attract additional new and returning guests and increase revenue

  • Smart data capturing: Use multiple touchpoints to acquire and enrich guest data.

  • Flexible pricing: Optimize your revenue using multiple supported solutions.

  • Voucher & Gift cards: Physical and digital, customized for your needs.

  • Mobile app: A powerful marketing tool to help your brand engage in elevated experiences with your guests.

  • Automatic email & push notifications: Segment, define triggers, promotions, and automate communication.

  • Gamification & Loyalty system: Increase engagement, rewards, redemption, and guest return rates.

  • Client Success: Training, support, operational strategy, quarterly/annual business reviews.

Advanced Multi-Venue Management

Comprehensive business intelligence software that allows operators full access across multiple venues, and locations.

  • Centralized database and waiver system: Seamless guest experience across locations.

  • Centralized booking: Easily book and check availability across multiple locations.

  • Centralized CRM: Share memberships, vouchers, gamification & loyalty.

  • Franchise management support: Intuitive support system, flexible service, and pricing models.

  • Advanced central reporting: Commercial, operational, liability & financial overview of your business and franchises.

  • Scalable and controllable business model: Full budget control and business flexibility. No undisclosed fees.

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