The Most Advanced All-in-One Software for Family Entertainment Centers


Best all-in-one software to optimize the growth of your entertainment facility

Our mission is to help you in the entertainment industry to grow in an optimized way by offering superior quality software and solutions to manage all aspects of your business now and in the future. 

Smooth & Effective Operations

To run your venue you need a trusted partner that will not fail you when you need it the most, whether it is performing simple daily tasks or managing and hosting large bookings.

Our software suite is the reliable partner you need, allowing you to manage all aspects of your business, be it operations, management, finances, sales, marketing, or design.

You will experience a 99,9% uptime and a worry-free experience, since the software automatically monitors itself, by noticing small anomalies before you do, in order to maximize its smoothness in operating your entertainment center.

Unlimited configurations and ease of use

We can easily adapt our software to your specific needs.

Thanks to the design, optimization, and user-friendly interface, you and your staff will quickly get used to the software. And more importantly, newbies will have an easy time learning how it works!

In case you do need to learn about a particular topic, we give you all the resources you need in order to adjust the software to your likings, providing you with online tools & step-by-step instructions.

And there is no need to rush. You can go at your own pace, with customized development catered for you, obtaining new software modules as you keep growing your entertainment business!

Improving your business

The result of smooth, reliable operations along with ease of use and configuration is the improvement of your business in terms of operational efficiency and support for growth

See your workflow improve thanks to the efficiency of operations while simultaneously supplying your customers with fun, relaxing experiences.

Get the most out of insights about daily operations at your venue and about customers & find out more easily what your customers want and how your business can serve them better.

Operational efficiency: 

  • Operational cost-saver with online bookingkiosk & smart self-registration

  • Adjustable planning for simple rescheduling

  • Software that is fast, simple & user-friendly

  • Easy staff training

  • Real-time monitoring without being on your venue

  • Insights about operations: Track staff productivity and business performance

Support business growth:

  • Promotion segmentation according to new & returning customers, and other groups.

  • Emailing campaigns, discount codes, push notifications, among other features.

  • Insights & promotions: Evaluate your marketing efforts and see the collected customer data.

  • Strategic advising

We can increase your customer acquisition, retention, and spend per customer.

Ready to grow your entertainment business?

With 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and with the development of our customer success program we know what we are talking about. 

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