Financial reports with the accuracy of a photo finish

Stop worrying about financial and fiscal administration thanks to our financial reporting software for entertainment centers.

Automated and insightful reports

No need to worry about completing your financial reports in time. Our reporting software helps you create correct, complete, and reliable reports for your company. These are easily understandable to simplify your and your accountant’s job.

Create detailed and specific reports

Create any report you need with our advanced reporting software. Whether you need a quick overview or a detailed report, it’s just a few clicks away. Filter down as much as you like to get the exact data you need.

Benefit from fiscal integrations

This software won’t only give you the insights you need, but it’ll also help you comply with local tax laws. Your sales tickets are easily customizable to show information like tax, VAT, tips, and fiscal QRs. Additionally, exporting and printing fiscal tickets is a piece of cake.

Customer story

“By adopting BMI Leisure, we were able to reduce headcount, while increasing customer foot flow.”

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

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