Timing software for karting

Our user-friendly system ensures accurate lap timing for drivers, with the flexi­bility to customize race formats to suit your venue’s needs. It is specif­i­cally designed to transform karting centers into models of efficiency and safety.

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The Timing module of BMI Leisure is based on the original SMS-Timing engine – leading the karting industry for over 20 years.

Flexible Driver and Kart Management

Manage driver bookings or waivers, assign karts with flexibility, and use our pit display feature for streamlined heat organization.

Smart features for Efficient Operations

  • Mobile assistant: Thanks to our mobile assistant, assigning karts & managing heats from anywhere around the track is easier than ever.
  • Grand Prix Module: Simplify the organization of complex heats. This module allows for easy race merging, participant sorting, and automatic progression from qualifiers to finals.
  • Arrive & Drive: Reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction, with the flexibility for individual driving sessions.
  • Garage: Gain a better overview of your fleet, get reports, make tasks, create reminders, monitor maintenance, and adjust kart speeds—all centralized within the software.
  • Endurance heats: Manage long competitive races, allowing teams to change drivers or vehicles as much as needed throughout the heat. Especially useful for electric vehicles requiring charging breaks.

Race Control and Monitoring

From automatic race control to live notifications and time tracking, our software simplifies race management, enabling you to focus on delivering superior racing experiences.

Next to that, you can act quickly if something goes wrong or reschedule heats easily on the spot. Thanks to our timing solution you are prepared for any issue you come across, so you can prevent any delays:

  • Did a racer not show up? Just move them into another heat.
  • Is a kart not working? Put it in maintenance and just swap in another one.
  • Forgot to start the heat? No problem, just edit it afterwards.
  • Was there an incident that obstructed the race? Just pause or extend the heat.

Case Studies


Racelandkart's success story has been going on for a long time. Find out how the activity center is bracing for the future.

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Innov­ative Safety Features

Directly from the software, implement slowdown systems, customize speed settings based on driver perfor­mance, control safety lights and more. These features not only ensure safety but also contribute to the longevity of your karts.

Designed for User-Friend­liness

BMI Leisure’s Timing Software is charac­terized by its intuitive interface, making it acces­sible to users at all levels. We’re constantly looking for new ways to simplify our client’s workflows.

What our customers say

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

“BMI Leisure’s software platform is comprehensive front to back, with every direct customer interaction addressed. This isn’t just race timing, it’s all of it.”

Jose Santaliestra, Karting Jerez

“With BMI Leisure, guests enjoy a better racing experience, with live results and by unlocking achievements."

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