Tackle tax on auto-pilot

Avoid any fiscal issues thanks to our advanced all-in-one software with fiscal integrations for entertainment centers.

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Comply with local laws

Our software allows you to create all the reports you need to guarantee compliance with your local* tax laws. No need to spend big on accounting help or cause your administrative staff unwanted stress.

*Check with your account manager for specifics per country.

Customize your sales tickets

With our software, you can easily customize your sales tickets. Apart from design changes, you can decide which information should or should not be printed. For instance, you can add information like tax, VAT, tips, and fiscal QRs.

Print fiscal tickets

If you need to print additional fiscal tickets, our system can do that automatically for you. You can either print a fiscal ticket with every sale or allow fiscal batching.

Customer story

“BMI Leisure’s Self Serve Kiosk solution is a great example of software and hardware working together, pushing the limits of automation.”

Brian Lopez, Elev8 Fun

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