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Get a mobile app for your business to create a closer connection with guests, enhance their experience, and increase your revenue.

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Closely-connected guests

Thanks to a customized app for your business, you can easily stay in touch with new and returning visitors. Increase your guest retention by creating memberships, adding gamification and loyalty programs, and enhancing their visit through push notifications.

Upgraded entertainment experiences

Our custom mobile app solution greatly enhances your guests’ visit.

  • Include gamification like rankings and achievements
  • Make online bookings and add-ons easier
  • Add loyalty programs and bonuses
  • Give insights in their deposits and credits with the mobile wallet

Next-level marketing

A mobile app is like a digital business card. Moreover, it puts you in close contact with customers, allowing for more effective marketing, as push notifications get better results than traditional email campaigns.

Finally, in-app sharing options make it easy for guests to share your business with their social network. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to share how they beat their friends or colleagues at karting, laser tag, or bowling?

Customer story

“With BMI Leisure we can create a better guest experience, by learning about our guests, where they are from, what they buy, and what they are doing on-site.”

Brian Lopez, Elev8 Fun

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