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Get RFID wristband software to simplify entertainment business activities such as timing, gamification, payments, and waiver management.

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Standard time-based activities with paper wristbands

An easy-to-implement solution that runs smoothly with our software. The bracelets are available in multiple colors, hold important guest details such as name, activity, and starting time, and allow you to:

  • Predefine, automate, and monitor timed activities through designated colors per session;
  • Keep track of inventory and sales at all times through a direct link with your stock;
  • Let guests wear your brand on their sleeve, as these bracelets are fully customizable!

Advanced time-based activities with RFID wristbands

Our RFID wristband software gives you access to advanced features such as cashless payments. You can use them to grant contactless access and store vouchers and credits. Our partner Jump Ringz' wristbands are small, antimicrobial, and anti-theft optimized. Finally, they’re also shock and water-resistant.

Unlock additional potential with RFID

Wristbands with RFID integrations give you a lot of extra control. Guests can enter your venue with their wristbands and use them to access activities. Moreover, our software gives you additional benefits, such as managing time-based activities, crowd-control, and gamification options.

Integration with Jump Ringz wristbands

Take things one step further with Jump Ringz wristbands. These lightweight, rechargeable LED bracelets can be used for the same purpose as your printable bracelets, but moreover allow you to:

  • Provide your guests with seamless access control;
  • Integrate with RFID readers across your center;
  • Stimulate guest spending to purchase additional products or minutes for any activity.

Use the captured data to enhance and personalize the guest experience.

Customer story

“BMI Leisure’s software platform is comprehensive front to back, with every direct customer interaction addressed. This isn’t just race timing, it’s all of it.”

Mark Brayford, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

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