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Avail­able on demand: Why link­ing mar­ket­ing & sales to your oper­a­tions makes sense.

By Ibrahim Yousef10 Jan 2023

Last month, our CEO Mark Lebouille took the EDUTalk Stage at IAA­PA Expo 2022

The record­ing of Why link­ing mar­ket­ing and sales to your oper­a­tions makes sense” is now avail­able on demand. Watch any­time to learn how you can dri­ve growth in your cen­ter. 

Dur­ing a 15 minute ses­sion, Mark shares tan­gi­ble and applic­a­ble insights and prac­tices on how to align mar­ket­ing and sales tac­tics through­out your oper­a­tions.

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