Give customized experiences to customers with automatic emails


The customers from today are immersed with much more different marketing tactics from brands than, let’s say, 20 years ago.

Keeping in touch with your customers, nowadays, needs to be a personalized experience in order to cause an impact more effectively. For this, you can start using automatic emails.

Automatic emails are a great tool used to keep in touch with customers, thus being extremely helpful for the growth of your business without consuming much of your precious time.

What are automatic emails?

Automatic emails are emails that you plan beforehand, based on a marketing strategy, which will be sent to a specific audience of your choosing, within your customer's database.

With the automatic email, you can create an automation of your marketing plan. After you create your strategy, the automatic emails will make it real for you and communicate it to your clients in an automatic way.

They are based on a trigger and condition that we set up in our system. Once it is configured,  you do not need to worry about it. As the whole process is already automated, your audience, among others, there is no need for any manual work, you can just relax.

Types of automatic emails

There are 2 main kinds of automatic emails: Operational and marketing.

The operational emails are usually sent to follow-up a specific action your customer did, such as reservation confirmation, online booking, abandoned cart, etc.

The marketing automatic emails are specifically made for you to be in touch with your clients more often, sending them promotions and reminders in an automated way.

Some examples of these types of emails:

  • Birthday emails: "Here's a gift for your birthday!"
  • Inactivity emails: "We miss you, come and enjoy a free ticket!"
  • Expired memberships: "Your membership expired! Come to our venue to renew it."
  • Thanking your customers for visits: "Thank you for your visit! We have a special discount for you."

The marketing strategy behind it

In order to make sure your efforts will result in great outcomes, you will need to set up a marketing plan, defining the automation you would like to use. 

We can help you build this plan by giving you recommendations based on our 20 years of experience in the entertainment sector.

We are also able to adapt our software configurations taking your marketing plan into consideration, making sure to satisfy specific needs you might have for your business.

It is all about creating customer loyalty

Automatic emails are one of the many features we use on our strategic advising regarding customer loyalty.

In fact, creating great experiences for your customers is all about implementing strategies to increase their loyalty, as you maintain engagement with your customers beyond your venue, making them feel valued while simultaneously creating opportunities for them to visit you again and to tell other people about your venue!

Remember that you can combine auto emails with:

  • Vouchers

  • Discount codes

  • Push notifications 

  • And many more!

If you want to know more about automatic emails stay tuned for our next post.


We will explain the potentialities of our automatic email options, which allow you to bring your engagement with customers to the next level! In the meantime, if you would like to increase customer loyalty, feel free to contact our customer success team.