Mobile Assistant: software tool for entertainment business management


Sales and revenue are always very important for the owner or manager of the family entertainment center/ karting center to track in real-time. Even when they are not on-site, owners and managers tend to have a good view of their business performance during business traveling or personal holidays.


That is why we developed a software solution for this demand: BI Dashboard in Mobile Assistant- a new feature to wrap your business in hand. It is a very handy tool for managers to run the entertainment business from anywhere and have a grasp of their general operation in realtime: Getting clear to know how the business is doing compared to last week. 

What business insights are in Mobile Assistant Tool?


  • Customers overview: the amount of new & returning customers

  • Capacity overview: the availability of spots for potential participants per sessions sorted by each activity

  • Sales update: last hour sales divided by PC (POS1, POS2, etc..)

  • Amount of online booking reservation & revenue

  • Activities finished during the day

  • Amount of total participants

  • Participants by members/non-members

  • Total revenue (compared to the same day from last week)

  • Total revenue by returned clients (compared to the same day from last week)

  • People left after registrations

  • Amount of customers in the Queue (line) from registration to booking

  • The average time between registration and the payment of the first bill

  • The current delay between the scheduled time and the real start of the session

  • Pos to session/pit time

  • Voided products

  • Amount of registrations finished in the last hour

Success Story with BMI leisure

De Voltage - Multiple Activities, Single System for Easy Operation


My personal favorite functionality is the Back Office (including Mobile Assistant), which provides you with the right information in a dashboard that is crucial for our business. As an FEC, it is important to have a helicopter view. I like that B&MI made it.

Kevin Vervest General Manager

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There are also two other software tools: BMI Back Office (offline version) and BMI Back Office Online (desktop version).

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