Online Booking: The Latest Necessity For Family Entertainment Centers


The days of making phone calls or physically going somewhere to make a reservation, are over. Today everyone is online, including your customers. But simply having a website with your contact details won’t cut it anymore. To stay ahead of the curve, every family entertainment center needs to have an online booking system.

Providing online booking streamlines the reservation process for your staff and your patrons. Visitors can automatically see where you have openings and book, rather than keeping your employees on the phone while they search reservation records. 

How Does Online Booking Work?

Once the software has been installed, most online booking programs are integrated into your family entertainment center’s existing website. From there, the reservation process is extremely straightforward and simple for your guests.

  1. Guests click on the ‘booking’ button and enter the desired date and activity.

  2. All available time slots for the day appear. Guests click on the slot that they are interested in and enter their contact details. 

  3. They can choose to either pay immediately or pay on arrival.

  4. The online booking schedule is automatically updated with the new reservation and contact details. Staff are immediately notified and guests receive a confirmation email with a link back to their reservation. 

How Will My Income Increase With an Online Booking System?


BMI recently conducted research on our online booking system performance in August 2021 compared to the same period last year. The results speak for themselves!

  • 131.04% increase in online booking users

  • 128.63% increase in online booking transactions 

  •  31.63%  increase in E-Commerce conversion rate

  • 131.45% increase in total E-Commerce revenue

Kartbaan Winterswijk: “I don’t want to work without it anymore!”

Over the last 23 years, BMI has witnessed longtime partner Kartbaan Winterswijk grow from a karting track into a popular multi-venue family entertainment center with over 15 activities. Like most FEC’s, staff workloads became overwhelming and tedious, particularly during peak times. That all changed a few years ago when Kaartbarn transitioned to BMI’s Online Booking system. 

General Manager Antoinette Ter Steege comments: “We use the booking system of BMI Leisure software for all of our activities. In the blink of an eye, we can see what to expect each day and where we need our employees. We’re also capable of handling all aspects of payment within the system. With everything in one program, working is so much easier on a daily basis.”

She adds: “At first we didn’t like the idea of not having direct contact with the customers during the reservation process. But since we’ve started using online booking, I love it! This system takes a lot of stress out of missing phone calls. I don’t want to work without it anymore!

Save time, improve customer flow & increase revenue

Less dependence on staff, seamless communication, and additional marketing avenues translate into less expenditure, greater efficiency, and better outreach. What family entertainment center could say ‘no’ to that?

With BMI’s Online Booking, you put the power into your customers’ hands and simplify operations with the following features:

  • Superior User Interface & Experience

  • Multi Payment Providers

  • Integration with your website design

  • Payment Online or on-site

  • Promotion Codes

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Voucher System

  • Possibility for Guest Registration

  • Capability for Cross & Upselling

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • Event Subscription

Our cutting-edge software easily integrates within your company website, allowing you to begin accepting reservations immediately after installation. 

Technology is taking the leisure industry to new places. We want your Family Entertainment Center to come along for the ride.

Book a FREE demo today to see how our powerful business software can drive bookings, boost revenue, and take your FEC places it’s never gone before.