How to promote your business with vouchers


Vouchers are great to keep in touch with customers and boost future sales. You can make the most out of holidays throughout the year by selling them at your venue or through the E-voucher shop on the online booking software.

If your venue is temporarily closed you can still sell vouchers in a safe way through the E-voucher shop and people who buy them now can get special price deals for your reopening period!

E-Voucher Shop

The E-Voucher shop is a way to promote business beyond your venue. From the moment that your center is closed for the day, it is a good opportunity to promote online vouchers on the online booking platform, as this will be helpful for the reopening of the next day.

We strongly believe that this will be the shop for the future, especially during and after this special circumstance of COVID, people rather quick and intuitive online solutions for simple processes, such as making an activity reservation, without physical contact.

Tips for promoting your business with vouchers:

Following the principles of simplicity, choosing the right audience, and choosing the right time can make your promotion efforts worthwhile.


  • Use correct and simple wording so that clients know exactly what they are getting, such as "bowling ticket" or "race ticket with complimentary drink"
  • Promote them well by targeting the correct customer segments: You can promote your vouchers on the E-voucher shop, via email campaigns, or even through social media, by targeting specific customers through the demographics and interests segmentation tools. It is a small investment that travels a long way;
  • Create & promote vouchers one to two weeks before a special holiday: For example, create vouchers to celebrate the end of the year, Valentine's day, Father's day, among others. These are all special days that people like to spend in the company of the ones they care about... Gathering them for an activity at your center will make the day even better!

Boost future sales and make the most out of the holiday season by promoting vouchers. Allow your customers to buy vouchers now, and let them spend the vouchers with their friends and family later!

For more information, reach out to our customer success team.