5 tips on push notifications in the mobile app


Nowadays, push notifications are a powerful and convenient tool to reach out to your customers via their smartphones, through the mobile app. They are small reminders that can do wonders for your business if they are sent at the right time.

More than helping you sell, they can create anticipation for the customers, improving their experience and enhancing it, even before they set foot at your center.

Tip 1 Do not send push notifications too often!

This is an easy and simple practice. But many people will forget. Customers will be very annoyed by many notifications popping out of the screen every day. Keep sending two or more notifications will lead to a much higher forbidden rate of notifications of your app. Moreover, about half of the users will uninstall your app completely if they consider your app as a scam. 

Tip 2 Send push notification which contains relevant and practical information.

Your customers will be more interested in reading what promotion or benefit they can get from push notifications sent to them. Something like “exclusive for app users” or “a special for you” will let them take the message personally. Do not send notifications that will not trigger any action.

Did you know our system is capable of sending push notifications via our mobile app for you? It is possible to set up your push notification by yourself! Check out our tutorial below and you can configure it the way you like.

Tip 3 Check the audience one more time

Before sending push notifications, check the audience one more time. You do not want people who do not belong to the group to receive the message. Better safe than sorry.

Tip 4 Improve your customers' experience

It is very useful to send push notifications as reminders before your customers start their activities. They will be punctual and get more satisfaction from their experience.

Tip 5 Follow-up

Sending push notifications is just one part of the story. In order to follow up on how it can influence your business and check the performance, it is very important to see who received or opened your message. Do you know our system is also capable of checking the status of your push notification to each registered customer? Check out our tutorial below and you will be one of the wisest people for your business.

With more possibilities for marketing

You can send the following types of push notifications to the clients:

  • Notifications after completing an achievement, together with a surprise!

  • Push campaigns for an event to all members (something like an email newsletter but on the app for notification). 

  • Birthday greetings (+ a birthday discount will be even better, isn't it?)

  • Reservation confirmations and reminders

  • Before the activity: “Please go to the right spot. Your session will start soon.”

  • After the activity: "Share your scores/results on social media."

Do you need more help with push notifications and suggestions for your marketing related to it?

For more information, reach out to our customer success team.